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Ian A. Yang, Paul V. Zimmerman

Review Article

JTD special edition ‘Hot Topics in COPD’—The microbiome in COPD
Daniel C. Chambers, Shaan L. Gellatly, Philip Hugenholtz, Philip M. Hansbro
Biomarkers of progression of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Janet G. Shaw, Annalicia Vaughan, Annette G. Dent, Phoebe E. O’Hare, Felicia Goh, Rayleen V. Bowman, Kwun M. Fong, Ian A. Yang
Targeting pro-resolution pathways to combat chronic inflammation in COPD
Steven Bozinovski, Desiree Anthony, Ross Vlahos
Diagnosis and early detection of COPD using spirometry
David P. Johns, Julia A.E. Walters, E. Haydn Walters
Advanced imaging in COPD: insights into pulmonary pathophysiology
Stephen Milne, Gregory G. King
Implementing clinical guidelines for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: barriers and solutions
Jeff D. Overington, Yao C. Huang, Michael J. Abramson, Juliet L. Brown, John R. Goddard, Rayleen V. Bowman, Kwun M. Fong, Ian A. Yang
Development of a self-treatment approach for patients with COPD and comorbidities: an ongoing learning process
Tanja W. Effing, Anke Lenferink, Julie Buckman, Deborah Spicer, Paul A. Cafarella, Morton G. Burt, Katherine L. Bassett, Clara van Ommeren, Sally Anesbury, Paul D L P M van der Valk, Peter A. Frith, Job van der Palen
Pulmonary rehabilitation for COPD: are programs with minimal exercise equipment effective?
Jennifer A. Alison, Zoe J. McKeough
Anxiety and depression—Important psychological comorbidities of COPD
Marsus I. Pumar, Curt R. Gray, James R. Walsh, Ian A. Yang, Tricia A. Rolls, Donna L. Ward
Oxygen therapy for COPD
Christine F. McDonald
Advanced therapies for COPD—What’s on the horizon? Progress in lung volume reduction and lung transplantation
Michael A. Trotter, Peter M. Hopkins

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